Chad Baker is an American country music artist born and raised in Akron, OH.

Baker grew up in a home that honed his interests in music at a young age. Performing and writing songs as a child his passion for country music only grew. With that kind of home environment Chad was able to follow his feelings towards the genre and would soon be on a musical journey of his own. 

By age 14, Chad was already playing at open mic nights and local dive bars regularly, scoring his first "real gig" by the time he was 15. Little did he know it was only the beginning of a long road ahead. Through high school he played every local club with his band that would allow him them to do so at such a young age. This set the tone for the pursuit he was soon to follow.

Chad moved to Nashville, TN out of high school at just 19 years old on a prayer. He soon learned what the road he chose to walk entailed and fully encompassed the challenges that came with it. Young and broke, Baker worked several day gigs while busking the corners of Lower Broadway to survive his dream by night. In 2015 Baker and a friend embarked on a self booked acoustic tour to California which would spark the start of his next venture in 2016, the "Wild West Acoustic Tour". It took 6 months of planning and preparation which led to 22 shows in less than 2 months spanning 16 states west of the Mississippi.

Since 2014 Baker has completed 3 national tours and opened for artists like Josh Thompson and Sundy Best. With the release of new music and plans for the sophomore album he plans to continue spreading his music through touring across the country in 2021. 

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